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Everything You Need To Know About Arbor + Rootstrap – Neon Roots’ Roadmapping Service

Neon Root’s internal product Arbor, the latest tool utilized during our acclaimed roadmapping service Rootstrap, is set to change the way we engage with users and help them turn their mobile app ideas into sleek, clickable prototype, ready to demo and raise capital. This two-week, high-touch engagement will ensure you’re building a world-class app that can scale to millions of users. That’s a lofty statement and probably leaves you with plenty of questions. We’re here to answer them all.

Q: How can I overcome Cold Start? (Cold start is bringing the application or product to market without having the clients or workers yet)

A: Put time and energy into finding the right audience for your application. Also, be sure you have enough people to handle the bandwidth of new clients coming in.

Q: How can I start to reach out to potential clients?

A: Start putting your brand out there, explain the mission and the vision, see if anyone is interested. Possibly use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to test the marketability. This will also help to get feedback before you put the time into building something.

Q: Is there a marketing service/strategy to advertise my application?

A: It’s content specific. You need to go where you’re seeing the most activity. Research where the most activity is for your product/space and existing alternatives and other groups.

Q: How do I start a conversation about my product with potential users?

A: Don’t tell people what the solution is, hear what potential clients have to say about the problems they are experiencing and the questions they are asking.

Q: What is a landing page?

A: The first page that users are directed to when they enter your website address. Landing page should heavily include keywords and key search terms to improve google page rank.  

Q: How much does it cost to have the landing page and website built?

A: Almost too expensive for what you may need done, a Freelancer would be great to use in order to get a one page landing page and could cost between $500-1,000.00. Most of these sites try to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own page at no cost.

Q: How important is it to Trademark my business name?

A: It doesn’t cost that much, but it is a long process and can be beneficial to your business.

Q: What is a domain? How do I get one?

A: Domain name is the website address for the business ex. is Google’s domain name. It is different from the URL but somewhat similar and can be commonly confused. You have to make sure that the name is available before you create the website or will have to purchase it from a company like GoDaddy. You can register for one and then go about building the site with multiple tools such as:

It’s always good to keep the domain name/URL short. The .com ending is now in short supply but there are hundreds of others such as or ($8,000.00) bff.bud for example is $45.00. is another example for ($50.00). Here is a great article explaining more about domain names in depth.

Q: If I get a domain, how do I then add my information?

A: Different companies offer easy tools to use to help populate your website and landing page with the relevant information and keywords to make the website your own. Some of these work in conjunction with the hosting companies or the hosting companies offer the service themselves. There are many different ways to add your own information or to hire someone else to do it.

Examples are:

Q: What are the benefits of signing up with Facebook vs. Email?

A: The benefit to the user is they don’t have to input a bunch of information. They can sign up with previously filled out forms instead of adding all of their information once again which makes everything easier for the user. The con is that users may see these things as being less private. Users believe that Facebook has views into everything and shares all of their information. You can also have them sign up via Instagram, Twitter or just email which provides less info off the bat.

Q: How does my first client’s interaction work?

A: Go through as if you are a user and visualize how the first interaction with your service/product will work. Look at what works well and what doesn’t. Visualize how the user’s first experience is in all aspects so you can tailor the app to make it work best.

Q: Would my website and app be linked?

A: Website and app will be linked. You can add the Twitter and Facebook feeds onto your app.

Q: Would they sign up via a website or app?

A: It can be either. In this specific discussion we are talking about signing up via an app. Website tell you how it works, how the problem will be solved in a unique way and then provide a link “To try us out, download the app here”.

Q: How do you switch from a free (beta) model to a paid model?

A: Tell customers, thank you for being part of our beta, extend some credits and then see if you can get them to use in the future.



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