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Defense Distributed Open Sources Ghost Gunner Software

New technologies, new possibilities are what truly get us excited here at Neon Roots. 3D printing is one of those technologies that is promising to have a monumental impact on nearly every industry, and in many industries, it already has. Of course with any revolutionary innovation there is going to be controversy, and nowhere has that been more prevalent than with 3D printed guns. But no matter what side of the debate you’re on, there’s no questioning the importance in the rise of this tech.

We know it well because we partnered with Defense Distributed to build their web presence. Defense Distributed holds the claim of being the creators of the very first 3D printed gun, and through the DD site that we built, they were able to land over 250,000 downloads of their product within the first few months of their launch.

Everyone was talking about Defense Distributed, and everyone is talking about them again. Creator of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson, also developed the “Ghost Gunner,” a small milling machine that could build an AR15 lower receiver from a solid aluminum block. The “Ghost Gunner” was a huge hit, but controversy soon struck again. Shipping companies like FedEx refused to deliver the machines and many other groups protested the idea.

Wilson hasn’t let the firestorm slow him down. In fact, just last month he announced that the entire “Ghost Gunner” project would be open sourced. Now all the plans, source code, and software users need to build their own “Ghost Gunner” milling machine is available to the public. You can get more info HERE.



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