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CRS 2013: Country Music Event With Our Social Media Command Center

The CRS 2013 kicks off today and Rootstrap has built a custom Social Media Command Center for the event! CRS is an annual convention for the Country Music industry and takes place February 26 – March 1, 2013 in Nashville.

Our Social Media Command Center (SMCC) is a powerful data sorter and visualizer, that will allow event attendees at the CRS to see and participate in relevant social media conversations in real-time and add to the growing momentum of ideas exchanged at conferences and events. The SMCC by Rootstrap has been featured at Dreamforce 2012 (San Francisco, CA), Cloudforce 2012 (New York, NY), Cloudforce 2012 (Tokyo, JP), and CES 2013 (Las Vegas, NV).



Creative Commons Downtown Nashville at Night” by robert.claypool is licensed under CC BY 2.0