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The worst way to choose your development team

You might be tempted to select a dev team whose experience is the closest match to your project. This article tells you why that’s a bad idea and how to make the best choice.

There’s more to cutting-edge software developers than just prior work on a similar project. In fact, matching experience is the least important thing to look for. Agile processes, deep technical knowledge and skills, and verified success are the real indicators of a cutting-edge development team. This article explains the most important qualifications to look for and how to find a dev team that has what it takes to create not just a specific product but a lasting solution.

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Your idea is only a rounding error

Don’t kill the messenger, I’m only delivering the bad news.

As a tech services company, we see lots of clients who are in love with their idea. They try to protect it from disclosure with NDAs or by revealing only partial information about it to us. I’ll always remember when a prospective client in New York City made me manually sign an NDA before he would have breakfast with me. He didn’t trust electronic NDAs.

In court, NDAs usually aren’t worth the paper (or PDF) they’re printed on. That’s because ideas usually aren’t unique. The world is full of ideas. If you have one, about a million people probably have almost the exact same idea. About 50,000 people might have tried to execute it to some degree. About 5,000 people might have made an organized effort at developing it. And about 300 or 400 people might already have some results from a variation of your idea. It’s hard to prove in court that someone stole your idea if many people already use it.

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