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If you postpone technical debt it’ll bite you

Even If it is not yours.

Back in 2013, an agency hired our company to create a game for Microsoft. They’d showcase their new and shiny Surface tablet and use the game in conferences around the US, like the big San Diego Comic-Con International event.

Our client said, “The backend is done. We only want you guys to build a 3D UI with WebGL.” It was a complex multiplayer game. We worked hard for months and created an outstanding game UI with state-of-the-art technology.

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Ruby doesn’t scale

Why you should stop blaming a programming language for your low quality work.

I’ve heard too many times that Ruby on Rails (also called RoR) doesn’t scale. Guess what? Java doesn’t scale, .NET doesn’t scale, PHP doesn’t scale, and Node.js doesn’t scale. No programming language scales if you build terrible software with it.

In this article, I focus on Ruby, but the information is valid for almost any programming language. If you typically benchmark Ruby against other languages like Python or C++, it’s probably slower in most contexts.

The real question is not how long it takes or how many resources it consumes to run some algorithms like regex redux, binary tree searches, or reading DNA sequences.

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