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BitDash, Our LED Real-Time Data Display, Is Back And Better Than Ever

Neon Roots is making it simple, fun, and flashy to display real-time data with the latest iteration of the BitDash. BitDash is a portable, wireless LED display/control board that sends messages, alerts, notifications, anything you want, via a mobile app, desktop, and soon through Slack, one of the world’s most popular team collaboration tools.

With the BitDash you can send messages from Android devices or your desktop with full control over color, speed, and brightness. You can also utilize some core functions like Alarm, which flashes red, or Party mode, which alternates different flashing colors (just in case you need an instant party).

How Do We Utilize BitDash?

bitdashWe’re making the most of the BitDash in our UY Office. New versions of the BitDash flash different colors when Circle-CI reports a message. Another color flashes to alert us when the BitDash connects to a server or through CheerLights which allows people all around the world to synchronize and stay connected through social trends. We also have customized colors when we send messages to the BitDash through Slack.

What Makes The Ticker Tick?

The BitDash 1.0 was built from an Auduino compatible board and Bluetooth module. The latest iteration is based on a Spark Core with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing IOT interactivity.

Spark Core specs:

  • Fits in a standard breadboard
  • FCC/CE/IC certified
  • STM32F103 ARM Cortex M3
  • Texas Instruments CC3000 Wi-Fi module
  • Open source hardware

The Spark Core already supports several features like Circle-CI notifications and allows for sending messages from all around the world, supporting services like Slack, GitHub, Trello, and more. It’s changing office communication, not only through sharing information in an instant, but by bringing the energy and excitement new startups demand.

Stay tuned for more information on the latest internal product from Neon Roots!


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