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Bitcoin for Design + Development – Reduced Rate!

800px-Bitcoin_accepted_here_printable-300x114.pngWe have been discussing setting this up for some time, but to be completely honest, other projects took precedent. Well, it has become increasingly apparent that Bitcoin deserves more attention.  As someone in the technology space, it is impossible to get through the day without the topic coming up at least once. And frankly, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

I first heard about Bitcoin when it was about $2 and was thoroughly fascinated. It sounded surreal. My first exposure was at $19 and I realized that the potential repercussions from an economic and societal standpoint were (and still are) tremendous. I began to study economic theory to a depth and with a passion that no classroom could previously provide. I even outlined a business plan for a Bitcoin mining outfit, but decided that the energy costs alone presented massive overhead challenges. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for the next big idea or trend. An idea that is so disruptive that the mere possibility is met with resistance.  Bitcoin is definitely one of those ideas.

And as I write this with Bitcoin having reached its highest value just earlier this week at $363, I think that maybe I should have approached it more like an investor. That said, we are still in the beginning stages of this decentralized crypto-currency and it will not fully flourish until its acceptance for services and goods is more widely adopted. As such, we also see this offering as a way to educate our clients and encourage them to participate in a growing economy that will pave the way for even greater innovation.

So without further ado, Rootstrap has made the decision to accept Bitcoin as payment for product design and development services.  Not only that, but we have decided to make it our preferred payment offering all clients who pay with Bitcoin a 30% reduction off our book rates.

Convinced yet?