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All Your Bitcoin Balances In One Place With The OneCoin App

There’s no denying the rise of the cryptocurrency.  It’s the right time to get involved, and like with any financial endeavor, organization and awareness are the keys.  That’s why Rootstrap has developed a responsive mobile app that makes it easy to see the balance of your Bitcoin wallets across a wide range of marketplaces.

What is OneCoin?

onecoinOneCoin is a user-friendly mobile app that gives you your Bitcoin balance at a glance.  It also offers daily notifications of market updates and balance changes.  It pulls all of your data from different exchange houses into one place, giving you the clearest possible picture of your complete account activity.  You can stay on top of your digital finances from an easy-to-use mobile app that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Why Do I Need OneCoin?

In one simple interface, you’re not only kept up-to-date with the balance of your wallets, you’re being alerted to the best times to buy and whenever there’s a drop in prices.  OneCoin is doing all the work for you, organizing and categorizing your cryptocurrency spending and even suggesting ways to save.  You’re going to get the whole picture, simple and streamlined.  You’ll always know exactly where the markets are and will be able to approach your decision making with confidence.

Where Can I Get OneCoin?

The OneCoin app is currently available through iTunes at  If you have any questions about the app, you can always contact the Los Angeles mobile app development professionals at Rootstrap at