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Ben Talks Building Million Dollar Apps On Young And Elite Podcast

Yet another podcast has invited Neon Roots CEO Ben Lee to join them to discuss past struggles, present successes, and future aspirations. This time he appeared on Episode 11 of the YOUNG AND ELITE podcast with Matthew Osborn.

According to Osborn, “Multiple times a week I interview elite entrepreneurs under 30 that are living the life I strive to have. The best part is, I get to ask each one of them how they got started, how they generate revenue, and how we can replicate their success.” Ben certainly fits the part.

Osborn offers a summary of his half hour chat with Ben.

Ben Lee is the founder of Neon Roots, a digital development agency that has worked with the likes of Epson and Spotify. Ben also has grown the companies start-up division, Rootstrap, to an over $1 million stand alone business that has helped create products for people such as Snoop Dogg and Tony Robbins.

Ben talks us through how he keeps his sanity while managing 5 businesses with offices in multiple countries. Learn the biggest problem he faced when starting Neon Roots, how he overcame, and his advice for you to do the same.

For the full conversation head to the Young and Elite site and listen to Ep 11: Get Your Million Dollar App Idea Off The Ground With Ben Lee.


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