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Ben Lee Talks Selling Roadmaps And Building Businesses On The Hubstaff Podcast

Neon Roots’ CEO and co-founder, Ben Lee, knows a lot about building a successful agency. Neon Roots is now one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated mobile app development agencies and the business has spread from the West Coast with offices now in New York and Montevideo, Uruguay. The knowledge and experience that comes along with that has value, and it’s why he was invited to speak on the Hubstaff Agency Advantage Podcast.

Ben appeared on Episode #20 titled Building A Million Dollar Agency By Charging For The Pitch. The title pretty much says it all. Neon Roots has shattered the agency model, offering a roadmapping service that helps clients prepare an end-to-end plan for successful development.

That’s Rootstrap, and it’s changing the landscape of mobile app development, of product development, of startup incubation. Hubstaff’s take on their talk was, “Today Ben shares how he went from pitching for free to selling $30,000 project roadmaps, and teaches you how to take the first step.”

You can hear the entire 50min conversation with Hubstaff’s Marketing Director, Andy Baldacci, and Ben RIGHT HERE.


You can also get a detailed breakdown of Key Takeaways from Ben’s appearance at the Hubstaff Blog. Here are some highlights according to Hubstaff:

  • The project roadmap process is fundamentally flawed
  • Roadmapping reduces risk for the client
  • Developing a tool to help guide the process
  • Roadmapping builds trust

Thanks to Andy and the Hubstaff team for the great conversation!

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