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Ben Lee Talks Building Better Startups With WestsideToday

Neon Roots CEO & Co-Founder Ben Lee recently sat down with WestsideToday to talk about the origins of our award-winning mobile app development shop and the successful launch of our roadmapping service Rootstrap.

Ben was joined by our resident Venture-Advisor Kellan O’Conner to discuss how the Neon Roots’ team rose to become the “De-fact Kings of Silicon Beach.” Thanks to Peter Lewis of WestsideToday for sitting down with us and sharing stories.

You can get the at the full interview titled Taking ‘Silicon Beach’ To New Heights’ at WestsideToday.

Here are a few highlights:

On Being A Kid With A Dream

Lewis: When you were a kid… how did you become who you are today?

Lee: I wanted to be a corporate executive. I think of that term and it kind of creeps me out now, but I wanted to dress up and play the role. Now I’m living that dream – just without all the mandatory suits and ties.

On The Inception Of Rootstrap And Idea Incubation

Lewis: What pushed you in this direction?

Lee: I would say, standing on the sidelines and seeing a lot of our clients be successful is self-validation, you know you’re doing a great job. But it’s also motivating in the sense of “Well, why aren’t we doing that? Why can’t we be on the other side of that?”

On What The Future Holds For Neon Roots

Lewis: What’s your 5-year plan?

Lee: I’d say we’d like to get involved in intellectual property, whether it’s digital or physical, and have it be a part of our brand. Finding the right product owners that can be really successful with the tools that we’ve given them.

Lewis: Is that all?

Lee: We’d probably like to design our own neon jet. 757. I’d say continue having the fun that we’re having now. I think that’s one of the biggest challenges for a company, whether that culture changes.  We want to keep the startup culture as long as possible.



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