We can make the claims we make about the Rootstrap process because we have the success stories to back it up. Our goal is to give your mobile app the very best chance in the marketplace, and we do that through an intensive two-week vetting and development process. We like to judge ourselves on the apps that have passed through Rootstrap and it’s easy to hold up Beautiq as a prime example.

Beautiq is an on-demand mobile app service that brings hair, make-up, and beauty stylists directly to you. We like to think of it as the Uber for beauty. You can get a step-by-step breakdown of Beautiq’s journey through Rootstrap in our Case Studies section.

The CEO of Beautiq also had some great things to say about his experience with Rootstrap.

Before Rootstrap it was really hard to get the point across of what we were trying to do with Beautiq. And storycarding really helped us to describe to investors what it is that we were doing and create a picture of what Beautiq would look like.

Since its release, Beautiq has become quite a hit and it was even recently named as one of the top “Amazing Beauty Applications That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out On” by the AXN Channel. Beautiq found itself in the company of other must-have beauty apps including applications by major brands like Sephora, Bella, Klara, Allure, and L’Oréal.

This is what AXN had to say about Beautiq:

You”ll never have to be embarrassed about dark roots or screaming at your moustache wax again thanks to Beautiq (free). This app allows you to get hair, makeup, and body care services on-demand at home. The services range from $30 and above, and getting extensions done in the privacy of your home is worth every penny.

We’re proud of the success that Beautiq has had so far and know this is only the beginning. You can see the full AXN Channel list HERE or download the Beautiq app for yourself at their official site.


CEO and Co-founder of Rootstrap Ben Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Rootstrap, a digital development agency with a mission to destroy the development model and rebuild it from the ground up. After a brief correspondence with Fidel Castro at age nine, Ben decided to start doing things his own way, going from busboy to club manager at a world-class nightclub before he turned 18. Since then, Ben has founded or taken a leading role in 5 businesses in everything from software development to food and entertainment.