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Augmented Reality For Skin Cancer

The world of augmented reality isn’t all about video games and exploding graphics.  The applications for augmented reality are limitless and the development of AR is reaching into a diverse number of industries including dermatology.

Melanoma is one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer but can be treatable with early detection. DoctorMole is an app that uses augmented reality to analyze suspicious moles and raise awareness about skin cancer.  With the understanding that professional medical advice is always the best route, this free Android app has been receiving positive reviews.  According the developer, DoctorMole uses augmented reality technology to scan moles in real time and give instant risk feedback on Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Evolution.  It also allows users to save photos and refer back to check for any developing changes.

The augmented reality aspect of this app works by using the camera on your mobile device.  First, the user takes a photo of the mole they would like to inspect.  Then that image is enhanced through real time analysis of asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolution.  The image is also layered over graphics and templates to help the viewer understand the analysis.  Here are a few photos to get a better idea of the AR functions of this app.




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