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Augmented Reality Enters The Retail Biz

Several companies are beginning to conceptualize and develop Augmented Reality platforms that will improve the retail experience for consumers.  Mashable reports that in the coming years companies like Holition, will be able to provide AR solutions that allow customers to virtually try on clothing and jewelry in an Augmented Reality experience.

The question remains whether or not an Augmented Reality retail experience can replace the sensory feeling of physically trying on clothing in retail stores.  Nonetheless, Augmented Reality can provide a useful and creative solution to retailers on the web.  One of the largest problems facing online retailers is the large amount of returned goods they receive.  An AR solution to sizing mishaps could provide the consumer an effective way to shop online without hesitation.  This will effectively decrease the amount of returns online retailers and ultimately increase revenue, for most online shopping sites currently lose money on returned items due to shipping costs.  Augmented Reality is certainly in its infancy stage, but there appears to be a bright and useful future ahead should web developers continue to seek out inventive and creative solutions for real-world problems.

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