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Augmented Reality: Reshaping The Business Sector In 2015

UK writer and guest contributor, Jennifer Birch, returns to our blog to follow-up her take on “Why Augmented Reality is the Future of Marketing,” with “Augmented Reality: Reshaping the Business Sector in 2015.”  Don’t forget to follow Jennifer on Twitter at @WrittenByJenni.

With the growth of technological adoption, consumers are now becoming more reliant on their devices to source more information on products they want to purchase. Thus, many businesses are maximizing and incorporating various innovative solutions in their marketing strategies. One of these innovations is Augmented Reality, where reality that is shown on the screen is enhanced by overlaying virtual content (text, audio, video, etc.) onto objects in real-time. Gartner revealed early last year that AR “will become an important workplace tool” with its reliable information gathering. In this article, we want to provide you with various ways on how it can reshape the business sector this year.

Wearables Lead to AR Adoption

In today’s mobile-reliant world, consumers are adopting various trends in technologies, such as wearables. Today, smartwatches and fitness bands are dominating the tech-focused conferences such as CES 2015. In fact, its market is expected to grow this year, especially with the release of much-awaited devices like the Apple Watch. However, wearables will also pave the way for businesses to connect with their target market by adopting Augmented Reality to be viewed on wearable devices.

Previously, we’ve featured Neon Roots’ project from CES 2015. At the Las Vegas event, attendees witnessed the state-of-the-art smart glasses by Epson called the Moverio BT-200, where we demonstrated several AR games using the device. With innovations such as this smart gadget, businesses are given more ways to connect with their current and potential consumers in the most innovative and interactive way.

Changing the Advertising Game

Advertising and marketing will be one of the sectors that will highly benefit from this innovation. With the help of augmented reality, the boring print ads will be more interactive and fun through applications that maximize the features of this technology. In the United Kingdom, AR has reshaped the world of advertising early in the game. Back in 2012, Telefonica, the mobile operator owning O2, was reported to work with HP to integrate AR technology into their advertising strategy. Through a free iOS and Android application, consumers will be able to unlock digital content such as videos, 3D animation, and even coupons from various companies. “Augmented reality has the potential to fundamentally change advertising, transforming current static formats and introducing new levels of interactivity,” said Shaun Gregory, Global Director of Advertising at Telefónica Digital, in an interview with TechWorld.

Sharing Real-Time Information

Another benefit offered by AR is giving users real-time information in a more reliable, inventive, efficient, and cost-effective way. Instead of reading across a whole article online to find what you’re looking for, you are now able to view the answers immediately right through the application on handsets or tablets or even via smartwatches. Through Augmented Reality, the IT personnel, for example, will be able to gather information remotely or assist other company staff without the need to leave their office or the server room.

INC said there are various business teams that could highly maximize this technology. Here are other ways AR changes the market:

 Packaging – Inform direct warehouse employees of the right items to pick and pack.
• Window Shopping – Consumers will be able to scan items and purchase them instantly via their mobile devices without the need to go inside the store.

As technology continues to develop and many consumers of all ages adopt this digital trend, many businesses are now looking to turn their usual marketing campaigns into innovative ones through Augmented Reality. How do you expect your business to reshape using AR?

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Jennifer Birch’s career in tech writing has influenced her to learn about various technological innovations such as Augmented Reality, NFC and Web 2.0. She’s passionate in covering its developments and disseminating her knowledge to the world wide web. Connect with her through Twitter and Google +.