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Sony Augmented Reality Glasses?

The news reporting site QR Code Press recently posted about Sony’s patent for what could be their contender to Google’s augmented reality glasses.   While Sony is no stranger to developing augmented reality technology for their gaming division and, most recently, their line of children’s storybooks, the latest patent filed shows our first glimpse at their version of augmented reality glasses.

Luckily for us, Sony seems to be focused on their strengths in entertainment as they move deeper into the emerging world of augmented reality.  The alleged plans for Sony’s AR glasses may include  a camera, microphone, two speakers, and LED emitters that are capable of sending signals to mobile devices.  These glasses could not only bring entertainment and communication models to more sophisticated heights but the increased levels of mobility would be a real game changer with AR glasses from either Sony or Google.  Receiving, sending, and interacting with data on the same plane as your eyes removes the use of mobile devices as interpreters of the information.  Information will be closer to us than it ever has and, we assume, will be moving faster than we’ve experienced without the extra time needed for external devices.

There is no target date or confirmation of Sony’s potential augmented reality glasses just yet.

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