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New Xbox To Include Augmented Reality Glasses?

On Monday, a leaked document supposedly from Microsoft showed the details for the next generation of Xbox, referenced as Xbox 720.  The 56 page document alludes to a more powerful, technologically advanced gaming system that includes the addition of augmented reality glasses.

MSN reports that the document stated the new Xbox will perform at a rate 6-8 times more powerful than the current version.  Supposedly, the document also made reference to augmented reality as an important new feature in future iterations of the gaming giant.  The alleged plans show the new Xbox bundled with an improved Kinect 2 device and within two years will include wi-fi and 4G enabled eye-wear that will provide “ambient experiences” and meld the physical and virtual worlds.  With all the buzz about Google Glasses, this leaked detail seems to follow the same trajectory.

The alleged AR glasses are referenced in the document as “Fortaleza Glasses”.  The details include the power of hands-free gaming and the possibility of using them as mobile devices that function beyond the reach of the Xbox console. Although there is little info about the nuts and bolts of the augmented reality glasses, The Verge has a detailed summary of the technical info in the leaked doc.

Until more details emerge from the actual source, we’ll just have to wait until the 2013 holiday shopping season to see what rings true.