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Augmented Reality For Education

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting new frontier in the world of app development and mobile solutions.  It’s no wonder why design/development shops are rushing to explore augmented reality technology and all its possibilities.  AR’s unrivaled interactive experience is revolutionizing gaming and advertising, but it’s doing much more than that — it’s also changing the way we learn and teach.

Learning is tied to interaction and creation.  The more engaged we are while learning, the more we retain.  By unlocking digital material on top of the real world and making learning an active experience, vital information is being taken out of text books and put directly in front of students.  It’s all possible through their Android and iOS devices which, much to the chagrin of some parents, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Educational augmented reality software is already being utilized in mobile apps.  There’s Google’s Sky Map which helps you learn constellations and identify stars just by pointing your phone at the night sky.  For elementary students, PBS KIDS has launched FETCH! Lunch Rush which challenges kids to feed a hungry film crew by solving math problems, and there’s also ZooBurst 3D which allows a child to create interactive pop-up story books.  These are just a few, and you better believe there’s more to come.

AR Teaser by NR from Rootstrap on Vimeo.

AR for education isn’t just for the home, though.  Augmented reality is being put into practical use in some classrooms as well.  Imagine being able to scan your homework to bring up a video of your teacher giving you helpful hints.  Imagine scanning the front of a library book and being able to watch a book review by a fellow student.  Imagine a safer chemistry class because triggers are placed throughout the labs that explain safety procedures.  These things are already happening and the possibilities are endless.

We’re aware of the bright future of AR, and that’s why Rootstrap is already making waves in augmented reality development.  We’ve designed and developed successful mobile AR apps for companies like Estee Lauder and Size Records with Steve Angello.  So if you have questions about the applications of Augmented Reality and how it can help your brand, we’re the ones to talk to.

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