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Augmented Reality Display For Motorcycle Helmets

ar2-300x225.jpgA company in Russia is attempting to build the first augmented reality navigation system embedded inside motorcycle helmets.  Similar to the navigation displays used by fighter jet pilots, the AR display would transpose an active map and directions directly into the field of vision of the motorcyclist.  Using a micro-display and light sensor, the map system would project onto the helmet’s inner visor and would remain sensitive to change with the rider’s position and head movements.  The helmet itself will be constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber.

The company working on this latest augmented reality development is called LiveMap.  They plan on using an Android-based system that includes maps, traffic, weather, and landmarks.  The navigation system will run on batteries that can be recharged with a USB cable.  LiveMap is crowd funding right now to raise funds for the first working prototype.

This AR development marks another realm in which augmented reality is becoming an innovative solution.  From teaching to gaming to transportation, the details behind augmented reality are growing more nuanced so as to allow a comprehensive use of this 3D technology.  We’re excited to see augmented reality being molded into a new product and introduced to wider audiences.

To check out more about the design and the technology of this AR helmet, watch LiveMap’s intro video below: