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Augmented Reality Defined Through Google Glass

The popularity of augmented reality is emerging faster than ever and Google Glass provided real proof of the growing interest in this tech development.  By now, we are sure you’ve seen the famous video that shows a glimpse into the augmented reality glasses Google hopes to have on the market by the end of 2012 (if not we posted it below).  One of the greatest benefits of this video is that it answers the question many people ask, “what is augmented reality?”  It’s easy to grasp with the Google Glasses example.  Augmented reality, in this case, is the digital information such as email, interactive maps, and text messages that appear in front of the viewers eyes while the reality is the user’s field of vision.  Simplified, augmented reality is this melding of technology and physical reality.

To take your understanding of augmented reality to the next level, let’s get a little more technical.  It’s easiest if you think of augmented reality in terms of layers.  The technology developed layer (using Google Glass example, that’s the digital info) needs to be placed over the existing physical reality.  The step in between tech and reality that brings it all together is a device that can read the augmented information and also display the reality.  For the Google Glasses, that device is the eyeglasses and the software that displays the information.  Another possible and popular device used for reading augmented reality is the camera found on smartphones, computers, and tablets.  The cameras detect the augmented cues and then project them onto the camera screen which is simultaneously projecting the real environment in front of the camera.

The great aspect of using these common daily technologies like smartphones to view augmented reality is that they are accessible to a large number of people.  Augmented reality has the potential to be implemented and used on a large scale and we believe that’s exactly where it’s headed.

Creative Commons Google Glass” by janitors is licensed under CC BY 2.0