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Augmented Reality With Amazon Flow announced the launch of Flow for Android devices this week.  If you’re not familiar, Amazon’s Flow is a QR code/ augmented reality app that delivers additional info for tons of products with the scan of a bar code.   Flow has been available for iOS mobile devices for awhile but just recently made its entrance in the Google Play App Store.

According to the Amazon description, “Flow uses’s continuous scan technology to automatically recognize items available on, and overlay product information using augmented reality.”  Flow works using the standard augmented reality steps of downloading the app and pointing the camera on your mobile device at the bar code marker.  Information will be revealed to the viewer in the form of audio clips, video clips, customer reviews, and in-depth product descriptions.  One of the most useful features of Amazon’s flow is the recorded history data which allows you to go back and check out the items you scanned by date, product or scan type.

If you’ve used Flow, leave us a comment and let us know what you think if its augmented reality features.



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