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Augmented Reality Allows Users To Experience Famous Sci-Fi Moment

3441_2_large1-e1346438819850-300x143.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to experience one of the most horrifically graphic movie scenes firsthand, your time has come. Thanks to Swedish app developers Fingerfunk, the alien birth scene from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film Alien can now take place on your own chest…without the blood, guts, and loss of life of course.

The augmented reality app is appropriately named “Chestburster!” It functions similarly to other augmented reality apparel apps we’ve seen before, basically by pointing a smart phone at a tracking image. What follows is a virtual alien realistically popping out of the user’s chest, all without disrupting the use of any major organs.

The Chestburster tracking image is pretty intense by itself, and it can be printed out for free off Fingerfunk’s website. This allows users the unique experience of witnessing the alien birth anywhere they place the image. The app is free for Adroid devices and is said to be out for iOS soon.

The app is a fun evolution to the rapidly growing world of augmented reality apparel. The AR development company Zappar already has a whole line of augmented reality T-shirts and other clothing options that come to life. Fingerfunk’s Chestburster pushes augmented reality clothing a step further by actually placing users into famous moments in pop culture. It’ll be interesting to watch AR penetrate deeper into the world of entertainment and become more closely tied to film and music. In the meantime, we should all take advantage of apps like Chestburster before companies inevitably begin charging for royalties.

You can buy the T-shirt from FingerFunk’s website, or print out the free tracking image to start birthing here.