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AT&T Adds Speech And In-App Messaging APIs To LA App Developer Toolboxes

Rootstrap has been building innovative mobile apps in the greater Los Angeles area for several years now.  A real sense of community exists among LA mobile development shops, and we’re happy to be part of a tech scene so full of inspiring developers.  It’s why we jump at chances to partner with places like USC Annenberg where we helped their students develop augmented reality apps for the LA Public Library.  It’s also why we’re interested when major companies give local app developers new tools for their arsenal.


On February 27th, AT&T will be giving developers a chance to get a hands-on education on AT&T’s messaging and speech APIs directly from AT&T subject matter experts and developer program staff.  The free, day-long workshop will give app developers a chance to learn how to utilize AT&T’s APIs to seamlessly bring voice commands, text-to-voice translation, and internal text messaging to their own custom applications.

It’s also a great opportunity for developers who are either working independently or with app-based companies to network and foster relationships with decision makers at AT&T and with fellow Los Angeles mobile developers.  Event organizers are confident that AT&T’s carrier APIs can benefit your mobile app strategy and that utilizing speech and in-app messaging, powered by AT&T’s APIs, could give a developer an innovative edge.

The event takes place on Feb 27th at the ROC in Santa Monica from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  Click here to get more info, and below is a breakdown of what you can expect from the event.

  • API Lab Exercises & Coding (Speech, SMS, and In-App Messaging APIs) with AT&T Subject Matter Expert, Richard Harrington – Architect.
  • AT&T API Realization with Michael Pacholec -Director.
  • Developer & Platform Evangelism

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