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Amsterdam Museum Hijacked By Augmented Reality

Brilliant After Breakfast, a self-described “cheeky agency”, has hijacked the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with an augmented reality app.  The prank app entitled Paint Job works by downloading the Layar Reality browser app and tapping the screen in front of the first painting to launch the augmented show.  Paint Job takes the sometimes uptight and refined environment of a classic museum and turns it playful with a few funny jabs and clever photoshopping.  While also tipping their hat to more complex issues of copyrights and creativity in the art world.

Through augmented reality technology, the app overlays a new image on top of the masterpiece hanging in the museum.  The augmented artwork can be seen through a user’s mobile device.  When interviewed by the Huffington Post, the creators added, “We strongly believe that nowadays, audiences need to experience more to feel committed to a brand. Social media works in the sense that it enables you to share your experiences, but it is now time for the next step. Augmented reality is a way to make, construct and define those experiences that we all love to share.”

Here are a few images of the sneak attack augmented reality, Paint Job.