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We helped Masterclass double their 

development team size in 6 months.

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We taught Google how to run design sprints.

The Google team wanted to create the world’s most streamlined project management tool, and sought out our help. They aimed to transform both business processes and software systems with a new product suite that would make work more efficient and agile. With us on their side, they were able to efficiently validate their early concept through an in-depth and thorough discovery process.

We’re helping MasterClass achieve their goal of $100M in revenue.

MasterClass is an immersive online experience that offers access to geniuses by allowing anyone to take online classes with the world’s most talented professionals. They needed an award-winning development team that could grow with them. We answered their call and helped them with staff augmentation and strategy, which helped them reach over 100 million in revenue.

Over 250,000 Downloads in the First 90 Days.

Tony Robbins is best known as America’s #1 life & business strategist. Working with us, he saw a return on his investment in less than 30 days. What did we help him with? A full Agile transformation of his entire team, and a world-class UX-focused mobile solution that gamified his entire life coaching program, driving millions of downloads worldwide.

We’ve given Globalization Partners $300,000+ in savings

Globalization Partners helps companies engage and manage a global workforce without legal complexities and unpredictable costs. We operated as their outsourced CTO by taking on all technical aspects of the business, and spearheaded hiring and management of in-house development resources that could increase their technical capabilities. In less than a year, we’ve given Globalization Partners $300,000+ in savings on their development costs by increase efficiencies in their tech.

We helped Snoop Dogg create the GQ for cannabis.

Merry Jane was envisioned as the GQ for cannabis, and was developed by hip-hop superstar/venture capitalist/Martha Stewart’s best friend Snoop Dogg, with his tech team. The discovery platform, website and mobile app were designed to encompass the vision of a new media channel for cannabis, and we worked with them to focus, develop their paradigm and shine on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt.


"A leading LA based mobile app development agency specializing in custom web/mobile apps, UX and Augmented Reality” 

"When a celebrity, public figure, or non-tech-savvy company wants to create an app, they often turn to an agency [Rootstrap] for the heavy lifting of development.”

“Rootstrap alumni have a 13% chance of securing investment. Compared to the average startup... that’s a 2,600% increase in likelihood [for funding]”


Rootstrap is completely dedicated and obsessed with being the best development partner in the world for VC-Backed Startups & Fortune 500... speak to myself or anyone on the team and you'll see why our clients trust us with their mission-critical projects!"

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